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German-American Exchange

Berlin, here we come!

The second annual student exchange between the Grunewald-Grundschule in Berlin and Bruns Avenue Elementary School started off with a bang! With much enthusiasm, the children and their teachers boarded the plane in Charlotte to begin their international adventure to Berlin.

Building upon the success of the first visit, the second exchange would be even better. The 17 students and 2 teachers arrived in Berlin on March 15 and were enthusiastically greeted at the airport by their hosts from the Grunewald-Grundschule.

The children receive many benefits from participating in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. First and foremost, the children obtain a new level of self-confidence. Additionally, they make new friends, increase their language skills, have first-hand experience in a new culture, create meaningful memories, and begin, at an early age, to build bridges of international cooperation which will help them to become well informed citizens of the world.

Felicia Eybl

Grunewald-Grundschule - Delbrückstr. 20A - 14193 Berlin - Deutschland